Monday, May 22, 2017

Spring Time Spindling

Last week I finally started spinning the fiber I won last year from participating in Tour de Fleece on Team Bosworth.  All the spinning I did during Tour de Fleece was on various spindles and I did pretty well with my group participation.  I ended up winning  a braid of fiber from The Homestead Hobbyist.

The fiber is merino, bamboo, cashmere, a blend I wouldn't normally spin, and honestly, probably would never have picked on my own. It's actually turned out to be quite a pleasant spin though.  I'd consider spinning this blend again for sure.

The fiber was really nicely prepped, but having spent nearly a year in my stash, it was a bit compressed, so I ended up splitting it vertically and predrafting it quite heavily.

This will be a 2-ply yarn when it is finished, so I started out by splitting the fiber in two horizontally (one for each ply), then taking each of those strips and splitting them horizontally again (4 pieces total).  I put half aside for the second ply, and started working with the remaining half.

I had intended to split the combed top vertically 8 times across the full width of the fiber, but in the end I split it 16 times to make lots of thin strips. The fiber was compressed from storage and quite dense because of the bamboo content, so this made it much easier to spin.

After splitting the fiber vertically, I predrafted and stated spinning on my 20 gram Large Natural Knotwood (Capar) Spindle.  This spindle is super light for its size.

This fiber is super slick to spin, but is quite a pleasant experience on the Turkish spindle.

Normally I make lots of smaller turtles to be combined during plying, but this time I really wanted to see how much fiber I could fit on the spindle and still be able to spin well.  I'm nearly through the first half of this braid and the turtle is huge! The spindle is getting heavy and I don't think I could comfortably spin much more without starting a new turtle. It's taking significantly more force to get the spindle spinning and it doesn't stay spinning as long.

ETA: I ended up pulling off the first turtle when it weighed 40 grams.

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