Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Supplies Run...

I got it into my head that I had to make myself a bra.  Digging around online, it looks like there are tons of places within Canada to buy bra supplies, but I'm a tactile person and wanted to buy what I could in person.

I headed out to Fabricana in Richmond to take a look at what they had. I started with the bra making notions, and was disappointed to see that they didn't have any underwires meant for over a D cup (and they didn't seem to be labeled with the same sizing numbers (42, 44, 46, 48, etc) that I've seen in the bra patterns I've found.

They also didn't seem to have much variety in the way of elastics, lace trims, and other notions. Their hook sets were all 2 hook setups, except for two 3 hook models with a weird piece of elastic attached.

So, I consider that getting skunked as far as notions go.  Oh well, not really any further behind.

I had a quick look at the larger bolts of lace, and they didn't have a ton in the non-stretch lace area, but definitely enough, and in a few different colours.  They had an amazing supply of stretch lace though, so once I'm comfortable with the construction and find a good non-stretch lining fabric, I'd like to experiment with those.  Their swimwear fabrics were also very inciting.

The closest I could find to power mesh / power net with something called perfect fit mesh. I might need to use two layers, but I think it will likely work.  Or who knows, maybe that is power mesh. Haha!

In the end I picked up 1 meter of stretch mesh (swiss dot stretch mesh - I could not resist), 1 meter of non-stretch lace (to become part of a Marlborough bra, I think), and 0.5 meters of perfect fit mesh.  I can't get much further without some underwires and some hooks though!

I also needed to grab more medium weight interfacing for my next Closet Case Kalle Shirt.  I actually pulled the interfacing for the last one out of an abandoned project from about 5 years ago, so I definitely needed to buy more.

I thought I was done, but then I saw the most adorable little bird fabric. It was 100% cotton poplin, 58" wide, and I knew 2 meters would be enough for either a Kalle Shirt (cropped but lengthened a bit), or another Springfield shirt by Cashmerette.

100% Cotton Poplin Fabric
I've got David Coffin's book and DVD on shirtmaking out from the library right now, and I'm eager to see how my changes to the pattern pieces look after my first try at the cropped Kalle, as well as put some new knowledge to work.

And can we just talk about how addicting hidden plackets are? They're like magic!

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