Sunday, September 3, 2017

Adventures In Stretch Mesh

After my first Boylston success, I wanted to make a second one to see if I would be as lucky (and also implement some little changes, like the band shortening and I narrowed the straps as well - hopefully that's not a total disaster!).

I would have switched over to the Marlborough, but I don't have enough strap elastic.

For the second one I am using the same 15 denier lining, but this time I'm pairing it with swiss dot stretch mesh (one way stretch).  The stretch mesh is infinitely more difficult to work with!

after zigzagging the two layers together

I started out with a straight stitch, and had no luck at all, so I grabbed some scraps from cutting out these materials and played around a little bit. I ended up switching over to a narrow short zigzag (1.5 mm wide and 1.5 mm long) and it was like that was exactly what this material was meant to be sewn with. What a difference!

After the last Boylston, I decided I would try out some 505 spray fabric adhesive to stick the straps, and the frame together with their respective lining pieces.  I had to wait for morning so I had some light, but I lucked out with a relatively wind-free day, and got to work.

drying after fabric adhesive application in the backyard

I did a little test piece first, and that seemed to go well, so I moved on to the actual pattern pieces.  I did one at a time and gave it a light dusting of 505 on the 15 denier and then placed the mesh on top of that.

Hopefully the fabric adhesive will help me keep those layers together!

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