Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bra #2 Is Finished!

For my second bra, I used the Boylston bra pattern from Orange Lingerie again.

This time I made a few changes though. I reduced the band length by 1/2 an inch (1/4 inch from the right and 1/4 inch from the left, so the pattern piece was only reduced by 1/4 inch).

chain piecing as much as I can...can you tell I started out as a quilter? 

I also reduced the width of the fabric straps by cutting off the seam allowances from each vertical edge (leaving the horizontal edges alone). This left enough space for my 3/8 elastic to be applied and turned at the narrowest point, but not a whole lot more.  I also top stitched the edge opposite the elastic, which I think looks a million times better.

so pretty, but so uncomfortable

 These two alterations are in addition to widening the bottom of the bridge by 1/4 inch that I made to the pattern last time, and cutting a 32DDD with an increased band width (overall after this time's alterations, each side of the band had 2.75 inches added to it).

Again, I lined the entire bra (minus the band) with 15 denier, but changed things up with a swiss dot stretch mesh outer fabric (instead of the non-stretch lace from last time). I figured the 15 denier would keep the support I needed. WRONG!!

The 15 denier/stretch mesh fabric combo doesn't have enough support. It actually looks okay, but is is so uncomfortable. I don't enjoy having my b00bs resting on the top of my stomach when I sit down, and having them do this in coarse feeling stretch mesh is terrible!  Yuck!!

Needless to say, I won't be using this combo again.

One last change I made to this bra (vs the last one) was using size 44 regular underwires (from Bra Maker's Supply), which I had to cut at the center to make them fit.

The cutting went pretty well (I used a Sharpie to mark where I wanted to cut and bolt cutters to snip them, followed by a file to get rid of the super sharp edge, and then heat shrink tubing).

The size 42 underwires are definitely much more comfortable on me though, so that's what I'll be buying going forward.

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