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July 20, 2018 // Weekend Adventures

It's a laundry and coffee kinda Monday!  We've been loosening up on the routine, and trying to seize the day this summer. We're having lots of fun, but man are we tired! No naps, late bedtimes, lots of fresh air. Summer.

We were out of the house on Friday morning at 8:00am, to drive to Aldergrove and visit the Krause Berry Farm. It was the opening day of blackberry picking and we wanted to get there when they opened (or close to it) at 8:30am.  They have thornless blackberries, which make it a super kid friendly activity. We picked 4 baskets before loading them into the car and preparing to take the shuttle bus to the blueberry fields.

The kids really wanted to ride the shuttle bus, otherwise we probably would have skipped the blueberries, but I'm so glad we didn't because they were really perfect and sooooo delicious!  We picked 3 baskets before heading back to catch the shuttle bus back to the main farm.

Lunch was our last stop before leaving the farm, and it was very much not delicious - well, the pie was - but otherwise we'll likely give it a pass next time. They also didn't "a la mode" my pie which was on the receipt, and seemed to accuse me of not telling the truth about not getting ice cream, despite walking to my table, realizing it and returning right away.  Also, they gave us a smoothie not a milkshake as ordered and as on the receipt, and it was the sourest most terrible thing I've ever tasted. We each had a sip and then threw the rest in the garbage.  I hear their waffles are good though, so maybe we'll give them a try next time before writing this off as a place to eat.

I'd definitely recommend them for berry picking! The staff were really friendly and helpful, the had lots of baskets and wagons available and they moved people through the line really quickly. 

We got stuck in major Friday afternoon traffic (with help from several accidents and road construction), and ended up with less than an hour at home before heading out to meet friends at the playground for a couple of hours before dinner. 

Stu took the kids to the Boundary Bay Airshow on Saturday after swimming lessons, while I stayed home for a day of sewing (4+ uninterrupted hours!).  I was trying to make some real progress on my Kalle dress by Closet Case, which I did. Sort of.

Saturday progress - sleeve cuffs and buttonholes / buttons to go!

My sewing was riddled with folly. I sewed the yoke on improperly 3 times before finally sewing it on the right way, and I had trouble with the sleeve cuffs - even cutting a new piece - before remembering I could just flip the piece the other way around after sewing to make it a mirror image.  Major face palm for having made this pattern in shirt form twice before, and having done these exact steps before!

I remember having trouble sewing the yoke properly with my first Kalle while following the sewalong instructions. I went back to the actual pattern instructions and it was much more straightforward for me.

After all that sewing and ripping, I finally got to sew on the collar - which went great! It looks like a real shirt dress!  Then the bias binding for the hem, which I loved. What a great way to finish the bottom of a dress - especially with a pronounced curve. Way more enjoyable to make than the View A with a hem facing. That was terrible. I'm still not over it and that was a year ago.  The fabric held up fantastically well to all the seam ripping.

Love these tags that Blackbird Fabrics affixes to the fabric they send out! 

Sunday morning I woke up early and attached the sleeve cuffs (which filled me with dread - and I sewed them on backwards one year ago).  This time it was one of the easiest things about the dress.  I've sewed on what seems like a bazillion sleeve cuffs and neck bindings in the last year.

All that was left was button holes! But, I needed to choose some buttons first.  I didn't want to make the long trek to the fabric store as my only stop, so we loaded up the kids and went for a bike ride at Terra Nova in Richmond. We used to walk/run out here all the time when we lived in Vancouver, but I think we've only been out once since J was born. 

It has a great gravel path, but is a bit tricky for little kids to pedal through the gravel. I think we'll ditch the bikes in favour of a good walk/run next time.

After our ride, we headed to Fabricana for some buttons. Stu and the kids waited outside and had a snack while I ran in. It took surprisingly little time to find some good options, but in the end I couldn't decide and came out with three different sets of buttons.  They're nice neutral buttons, so I figured I'd have no problem using them on future projects.

the light grey in the middle are the clear winner!

I didn't buy any fabric at Fabricana - which took all my willpower - because I had placed another order with Blackbird Fabrics earlier that morning, since they were having a 20% off sale.  I ordered more of the linen/rayon fabric I'm using for my Kalle...6 meters of it...I think I'm in love!  I want to make the Carolyn PJ's from Closet Case in the short sleeves / shorts version.  Summer pj's!! Also, another dress probably...or maybe shorts? I don't know...maybe all of the above.

After this we headed home for pancakes and fruit (and a little whipped cream) for a delicious lunch -

After lunch we were off to my aunt and uncle's beach house for a swim and a barbecue.  There was yet another accident on the road in front of us, which added 30 minutes to our 20 minute drive.  I was glad to have my knitting with me.

I've seriously upgraded my car knitting situation by adding one of those vent clip phone holders - I'm really happy with mine (I am not affiliated with them, nor is this an affiliate link - I just like this one that I bought, and I had trouble deciding on a good one when I was looking), it hasn't dropped my iPhone 7 Plus even on bumpy roads - and I found a new spot to hold my yarn in the door shelf.  I'm still working away on my Portrush Poncho, having just joined the neck together and now I'm working on the main body section. The linen yarn I'm using (Louet Euroflax) has been such a treat to work with in the warm weather, and surprisingly hasn't been hard on my hands at all.

It was quite a hot day yesterday, and we all had fun paddling and swimming once we got down to the beach. Except E, she wasn't really into the water stuff - she mostly shadowed my aunt and uncle on dry land.  She did partake in enough paddling for me to take a picture though -

The barbecue was fantastic! Food always seems to taste better near the ocean. Even a hotdog can turn into the best tasting thing you've ever eaten! Or maybe that's just me? I'll take it!  Though that's not what we had. We had two types of kebabs, zooghetti (zucchini spaghetti stuff - it was yummy despite my poor description of it) and fresh dungeness crab.  Amazing day!

We stayed to watch the sunset, and didn't get home until almost 10 - which is insanely late for us. It's rare we're out past 5:00pm most nights. 6:00pm is a late night!

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