Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Thoughts on Marking Buttonhole Placement

I had mentioned previously that I had decided to start using a new technique to mark my buttonhole placement. I had drawn a vertical line down the length of the button band with my Clover Chaco Liner, and had placed pins in the side of the button band to denote the length.

This works great with the white Chaco Liner, which I can actually get off the fabric, but when I'm using white or almost white fabric, I can't use my white Chaco Liner. I have to use my blue Chaco Liner.  The blue one is okay for marking things on the inside of a garment that will never be seen, but I find I can NEVER truly get the blue out.

It turns the thread blue where the stitches have gone through the marking, and that blue mark it there seemingly forever.  Washing with soap doesn't seem to make a difference, brushing, wiping with a dry cloth, wiping with a wet cloth, nothing seems to remove it for me. I even tried a Magic Eraser at the suggestion of one blog comment I found.

I decided to test on my current project -

And nope, even after brushing off and and then washing with soap in cool water, it is still there.  And the thread for the buttonhole is now blue.

So I Googled. And read. And Googled a little more...

marking for buttonhole placement using only thread and pins

Finally, in the comments section of one blog post on using 1/4" quilters tape to mark (which also seems like a good idea), was the suggestion to machine thread-baste a straight line down the middle of the button band and then mark with pins for the top and bottom of each button hole. Perfect!

For the very top button on the shirt dress, I ran a short line of stitches down the middle of the first little bit of the collar stand as a guide for that button (pins marking the length of that button hole).

This process worked well for me, and using my machine's basting stitch setting made it really easy to get the row of basted stitches out after I had completed the buttonholes.

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