Monday, July 22, 2019

Donovan Skirt // Helen's Closet // View A

Every year I bemoan the fact that I have nothing festive to wear on Canada Day, this year included, but I'm determined to make this year the last time this happens! I've decided to make myself a nice red summer skirt that I can wear for Canada Days to come - and any other day I please too!

I thought it would probably be better to get to work on this now, vs waiting until next year when it all happens again and the skirt never gets made.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to sew next, so I took a little time to play around with the My Body Model I made last summer, and sketched some possible future outfit ideas.  This was the one I knew I wanted to get started on first. The shirt is View B of the Elliot Sweater + Tee by Helen's Closet.  I've also decided that I want to put a little more thought into my footwear when outfit planning.

Donovan Skirt by Helen's Closet, View A

Viscose Linen Noil - 70% Viscose, 30% Linen, Red, 1.9 meters (should have had 2.2 meters according to the pattern, so this was tight!!


  • Added 4 inches to the length of the View B skirt I made a couple of weeks ago, which makes it 23.25 inches from waist to bottom of the hem
  • Raised the notch for the slit up by 3.5 inches

This fabric is a little tricky to work with. It seems to want to stretch if you look at it.  The softness and drape more than make up for having to take extra care when working with it though!  I quite like this skirt, and this view will likely be my go-to skirt pattern for drapey fabrics.

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