Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Donovan Skirt // Helen's Closet // View B

Donovan Skirt by Helen's Closet.

20. My proper hip put me in the 16, and my waist put me right in between the size 20 and 22. I thought about grading, but just up from my proper hip is my widest measurement, which put me in the 20 if I use that as the hip measurement.  It's pretty close to my hip anyway.

I figured there was enough ease at the waist, I could get away with cutting a straight 20, and cinch it up as I continue to (hopefully) drop a bit more pregnancy weight. I'm currently 7 weeks postpartum, so I'm guessing in the next year or two I might need to take advantage of the waist ties for cinching. If not, nbd.

Lightweight Linen (55%) and Organic Cotton (45%) Denim from Blackbird Fabrics, purchased in the summer of 2018. 2 meters.

The length of the skirt is 22 inches, but just above the knee for me is 19 inches, so I shortened the length (as instructed in the pattern) by 3 inches.

I split the waistband to add side seams.

I usually have my patterns printed in large format, but I had just done a big large format run with my local print shop a few days before I bought this pattern, so I have opted to print this one at home and tape the pieces together. I will likely get it printed in large format with my next run, as I find it much easier to store the large sheets vs taped together pieces.  I love that you can use the layers feature in Acrobat to only print the size(s) you need!

I finished off the skirt with a "Handmade" label from Kylie and the Machine. I ordered these in April and was really excited to be able to try them out on my summer makes.

The Donovan Skirt came together really quickly and effortlessly. It fits me well, is comfortable, and I know I will wear it a lot. The fabric choice was spot on for an airy, but not too airy summer skirt. I think the weight of this would also make it suitable for spring, but it's going to be my go-to in summer. I have plans to make a couple more, especially since I can get a skirt and an Ashton Top (also Helen't Closet) out of 2 meters of fabric. It just makes sense to make a matching skirt with every Ashton Top. 

I have some black Viscose & Linen Slub (65% viscose, 35% linen) that I'm planning to use for my next Donovan/Ashton combo, and I will also be able to mix and match those with these denim makes.

I'd also like to make the longer view at some point, but I'm not sure how much I'd wear it, so I'm not in a huge rush to try it. I wouldn't make any changes to future Donovan Skirts. It fits great and I don't think I could improve the fit at all.

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